The Power of Using Videos

While researching YouTube options for use on the AdvisoryQuest website and/or blog, I came across this video from Ann Bachrach which I will use as an example.  Ann provides coaching solutions to business owners including financial advisors.  Since social media is both a timely and relevant topic for financial advisors, I decided to use this video.

We have all seen videos of crazy antics or funny videos our kids have shown us on YouTube, but it can also be used for business purposes.  In the example video, Ann shows the importance of social media for getting referrals from current clients.  View Ann’s video here.  She also has a number of other videos on YouTube covering a number of other topics. She is using video in the same way financial advisory firms would, to show potential clients that she is an expert in her field.  This, in turn, creates interest in her services which (hopefully) leads to new client relationships.

The value I see for both advisory firms and their clients in using videos is it provides advisory firms an opportunity to add additional “touchpoints” throughout the year with current clients, as well as allowing potential clients who visit your firm’s website or blog to get a chance to “see you in action” before meeting you.  They get to connect with you before the initial meeting, which provides an initial connection.

There are other ways to put videos on your site, but by setting up a channel on YouTube, it makes it very easy to upload the video and to add it to your website or blog.  It also allows your video to be  found during a search by potential clients.  The video can also be embedded into your site code, allowing the video to be ready to play when visitors come to your site.  Below is the embedded video into my blog of the link above.

Current clients and potential clients can learn more about your firm, your services, your take on the markets, or any other firm topics you may want to provide.  You could also have different members of your firm keep clients up to day on different areas of the business so clients get to know the other members of your firm. Perhaps your Investment Portfolio Manager could provide a market update to keep clients informed of portfolio changes and what the firm is thinking in terms of structuring portfolios in the current market environment, or the Client Services Manager that performs much of the day-to-day communicating with the clients could create a video talking about (walking through) new client reports that the firm is creating.  Any number of videos could be created to keep current clients informed and show potential clients that your firm is on top of all aspects of the relationship.

Think about how you could use videos to create opportunities for a better client experience and to seperate you from the competition.

Build your business wisely.

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