AdvisoryQuest Now Includes Over 500 Technology & Service Solutions

AdvisoryQuest is very excited to announce that the site now has over 500 technology and service providers for advisors to consider as they build their optimal advisory firm. The solutions are on AdvisoryQuest under the Solutions tab on the menu.  You can find solutions in sub-categories for Marketing, Business Strategy & Planning, Operations, Technology, Compliance, Financial Planning, and Investments.

When the site was started nearly five years ago, I had collected a handful of software options that firms should consider when starting an advisory business. These had been gathered from research for filling voids in the technology used in my position at a family office and looking at ways to make the business more efficient. There was also newer software being offered in the advisory space which was discussed in publications.

The original idea for placing the solutions on a website was to share all of the available software and service providers with growing advisory firms.  If my firm was having difficulty locating options, weren’t there other firms in the same situation? At the time, no other site had a list of solutions for advisors. From the technology research that was being put out about usage in different software categories being used by advisors, I believed that through further research to identify additional options that there would be somewhere around 100 very good software and service solutions- “The Best of the Best” if you will. How wrong this thinking was!

What I found over the course of the next four years of researching and adding solutions was that there were way more than 100. I kept finding and reading about more and more companies that could help advisors. In recent years, there have been many more that have been developed.  Technology, innovation, and integration have improved greatly in the last five years. Custodians, BDs, and related firms are creating better technology options to recruit firms and advisors are requiring and requesting better solutions to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

The other area that has grown significantly is what I term Service Providers, those businesses that help support advisory firms- not the core software advisors use to run their businesses.  Firms such as Marketing (33), Business &Practice Management (23), Social Media (8) and Compliance (18) consulting companies have grown greatly during this time. Various outsourcing companies for handing off parts of the operations, financial planning and investing processes has also grown.

After adding solutions over the past four years, AQ has finally reached 500 solutions. Some are listed in multiple categories due to their multi-specialty offerings.  It has been an ongoing process and challenge of trying to identify the correct categories for solutions to be placed in, creating new categories, and continually thinking of ways for advisory firms to better identify the correct solutions for their firms.  It will continue to be a work in progress.

Thank you to the many solutions companies that have contacted me to be added as a solution, to have them placed in the correct/different/additional category, and/or updating their contact information.  Also, thank you to the advisory firms that have contacted me regarding potential solutions for their firms.  I look forward to continuing to work with both sides to provide a place for advisors and solutions providers to come together on the web and am excited for the next additions to the site. I still have about 150 additional solutions in a spreadsheet and more become available all the time.

If you are a solution provider or are an advisor that has used a solution that is not listed, please contact me to get the solution added.

Build your business wisely.

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