AQ Practice Management Articles Summary: Oct 22-26

Enjoy this week’s practice management articles. It is a great mix of articles on a variety of topics that will provide ideas and inspiration to help you build your optimal financial advisory firm.

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The Value of “Chunking” to Get Big Things Done– Advisor Perspectives

It’s important to look at each and every large initiative and “chunk down” what needs to be done. Identify what needs to be done and then break things down into the smallest, most discreet step possible. Ask yourself “what’s the one thing I can do right now?”

The Hidden Power of Your Branding Statement– Advisor Perspectives

Your website’s job is to sell your firm and service offering to the thousands and thousands of prospects seeking financial advisory services online every single day. It should also sell your firm’s services as good, if not even better than you do in-person. Make sure your site leads with a strong “brand statement” on their homepage. A brand statement is a short, one-line sentence that expresses your prospects needs in a clear, compelling fashion that will attract them to your firm.

Witty Comebacks When a Prospect Balks– Advisor Perspectives

If you’ve ever felt trapped by a prospect’s sudden objection, here’s how to respond in a witty and disarming manner that gives you back control of the conversation.

Do It? Delegate It? Here’s How to Decide– Financial Planning

Delegate — that’s particularly important for today’s top advisors. The most effective advisors delegate just about every function that’s outside of their core competencies of bringing in new clients and providing service and guidance to current clients.

Wild Ways Advisors Win Over Clients– Financial Planning

Yes, some of the ways advisory firms engage and connect with their clients in the article might be considered “wild.” Most, however, are clever ways to create deeper and memorable (in the eyes of clients and the community) connections with clients.  The list might inspire your firm.

Why Memorable Experiences Will Always Trump Flashy Marketing Tactics– FPA Practice Management Blog

The author makes a great point about what marketing your firm should be about- and what sets your firm apart from the thousands of others doing exactly the same thing (in the eyes of consumers).

“Marketing is not about trying to make your brand or product look different or better than it is, or trying to trick people into signing up for your email list or attending your event—it’s about showing people who you really are and why they should care.”

“As such, I believe a marketer’s most important function is often in helping organizations understand which of their experiences are most important and why, and how current and potential customers perceive those experiences.”

Follow this simple and valuable advice and your firm should be successful “marketing” to potential clients.

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