AQ Practice Management Articles: Dec 3-7

Hopefully, this week’s articles will provide ideas and inspiration to build your financial advisory firm. Part of the fun is the journey toward success. What can you do this week to make your firm better? Enjoy your week. The picture this week is similar to what it looked like around here this weekend.
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Advisors Need More Than Referrals to Grow Sustainably– Advisor Perspectives

Firms struggling to grow will need to commit to a structured growth strategy that places their future success in their control. Successful firms on a path to sustainable growth focus on this growth strategy. The essential components of this strategy are highlighted in the article.

Three Ways to Get Referrals– Financial Advisor

IF you are building your business through referrals , here is another article that focuses on three ways to build your referral network.

How Advisors Can Up Their Digital Game– Financial Planning

Since I have posted two other marketing articles, focused on referrals, I wanted to post this article as a complimentary approach.  This one focusing on your digital presence.  I particularly like the authors quote about the overall marketing campaign, “You want to lead people down a path with a series of events.”

Tech Survey Articles From Financial Planning– Financial Planning

Financial Planning magazine released it’s annual Tech Survey results this week.  Links to two articles, one is the survey results and the other that focuses on findings of the survey.

How to Balance Your Needs With Those of Your Practice– ThinkAdvisor

An interesting article about the wants/needs conflict that arises when advisors achieve some success. What many owners don’t understand is that building a successful advisory business is about finding the right balance between their needs and the needs of their business.

The Perils of Trying to be Superman– Wealth Management

A good article reminding firm owners, that as the firm grows, owners need to transition from being “Superman” by trying to be all and do all, to delegating and being the Visionary for the firm. the article includes four things to help make this transition.

10 Mistakes Advice Businesses Keep Making– Tony Vidler blog

A great list of fundamentals you have to get right (or mostly right!) to build a successful advisory business.  The list of ten begins with the highest priority down to those of lesser importance.


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