AQ Practice Management Articles Dec 24-Jan 4

After enjoying the holidays, having recent computer issues, being sick for the past week plus, and having to play catch-up, I am finally getting the roundup of the best practice management articles posted.

The following 12 articles cover a number of different topics to help you build your business. The good thing is you can read them at your leisure from my site- even of they are a week or two “old.” No need to try to remember where you saw the title or topic or which publication or having to try to locate the article on the source site, which is oftentimes difficult (not to mention time-consuming) to do. Read the best articles here each week.

Since I am running behind getting the articles posted for these weeks, I did not add a short summary of the articles (as I usually do) or any comments I may have had while reading it. Most of the titles are self-explanatory. Enjoy the wealth of information to help you build your optimal financial advisory business!

Finding Chemistry For Rainmakers and Team Players– Financial Advisor

Tech Wars Roil Custodian Landscapes– Financial Advisor

How To Succeed in Succession– Financial Advisor

Tech Survey: Where Custodians Fall Short– Financial Planning

17 Ways To Get More Work Done– ThinkAdvisor

You Are the Problem: How To Build a Better 2019– ThinkAdvisor

How AI Will Make or Break the Indie Advisory Industry– ThinkAdvisor

Is Your Firm One of the Best Places To Work?– ThinkAdvisor

4 Ways to Build a Successful Business Plan for 2019– ThinkAdvisor

Five Planning Steps for s Smooth Succession– Wealth Management

Setting a Proper Bonus Structure– Nerd’s Eye View Blog

Unlocking the Mystery of Employee Retention– Cruz Consulting Group Blog

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