AQ Practice Management Articles Jan 28-Feb 1

Fewer great articles this week on a variety of topics. I hope the articles will provide ideas and inspiration to build the financial advisory firm of your dreams- whether that be a solo practice or a multi-advisor or multi-office firm. Part of the fun in creating and building a business is the journey toward success. What can you do this week to make your firm better? Can you pull one or a few things from the articles to move your firm forward?

The picture this week is what I am looking forward to in the coming months. It was anywhere from -20 to -50 below zero for most of this week. The coldest temperatures in Minnesota since 1996. Here’s hoping warmer weather (Spring) is here soon!






Lots of Likes Won’t Cut It Anymore- Next Level Social Media For Advisors– Financial Planning

In order to attract a constant stream of clients that fit your niche, your social media plan needs to be better.  Learn how in this article.

How to Build a  a Cybersecurity Backbone Before the SEC Calls– Financial Planning

Cybersecurity is a topic that you will continue to get better at- it will constantly change so you need to continue to improve and evolve to stay ahead in this area.

5 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Firm– InvestmentNews

Competing for top talent is something you have to approach with a solid plan.  How do you attract and retain talented employees? he article provides some excellent reminders of the basics to have down when adding staff.

RIA’s “Woefully” Unprepared in Succession Planning– ThinkAdvisor

There are plenty of articles stating this same point, and you have likely heard it many times.  This article is based on a study done by Franklin Templeton.  It offers some good reminders as well as some valid points to keep in mind.

The Biggest Risks RIAs Face– ThinkAdvisor

Mark Tibergien discusses the challenges the future holds, even for larger firms.  He also offers advice on how to overcome these challenges.

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