AQ Practice Management Articles Feb 4-Feb 8

The six articles this week are a great mix on a variety of topics. I hope the articles will provide ideas and inspiration to build the financial advisory firm of your dreams- whether that be a solo practice or a multi-advisor or multi-office firm. Part of the fun in creating and building a business is the journey toward success.

What can you do this week to make your firm better? Can you pull one or a few things from the articles to move your firm forward?

Interview Your Way to More AUM– AdvisorPerspectives
The article looks at how an expert interviewer approaches conversations with prospects and how advisors can use the approach to convert prospects into clients.

Why Clients Toss Your Welcome Package In the Garbage– AdvisorPerspectives
We often put a lot of effort into our marketing materials, particularly when wanting to “get off on the right foot” with clients. The article looks at why we often go about this the wrong way and how to create a better welcome package.

The Art of Framing and Discovery– Financial Advisor
Fantastic article about how to connect with clients and prospects. Framing is predicating on discovery, which lets you determine the appropriate wealth management solutions. Discovery is the process of developing a deep understanding of another person. Learn why these are important.

How Firms Should Be Paying Bonuses– Financial Planning
Michael Kitces looks at the proper bonus structure for your firm.

How To Hire Next-Gen Advisors– ThinkAdvisor
As your firm grows, so does the challenge of hiring associate advisor(s). The author discusses the associate role and its key to the growth of the firm.

The Ultimate Cheatsheet from the T3 Advisor Conference– Wealth Management Today
Industry consultant Craig Iskowitz always provides a thorough summary of the conferences he attends. Learn what he found at the recently completed annual T3 conference. Industry tech trends, software updates, new offerings- it’s all here.

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