Teach Clients the Way They Learn Best

How do your clients learn best?  An advisor shares ideas about communicating the way your clients learn best whether they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners.

Visual learners benefit from graphics. Therefore, I provide educational materials rich in charts and tables. As we talk, I encourage these clients to look at the visual elements on any handouts first and to draw in the margins as we speak.

Auditory learners obviously prefer a presentation they can listen to. I still hand out printed materials, but we talk it through to a greater degree. Later, if they review additional materials on their own, I encourage them to read it aloud or discuss new information to help cement concepts.

Kinesthetic learners need to engage in more active way. When I hand out educational materials, I encourage them to use a highlighter to mark meaningful passages and note questions. Often, transferring the information from my handouts onto their computer enhances their learning. It also can help these learners to hold materials in their hands instead of placing them on a table.

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