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AQ Practice Management Articles Summary: Nov 5-Nov 9

Fantastic articles this week on a variety of topics that will give you ideas and inspiration to build your financial advisory firm. Part of the fun is the journey toward success. What can you do this week to make your firm better? Enjoy your week.

Click on the article title to read the source article. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Why Clients Don’t Listen Any More (and what to do about it)– Advisor Perspectives

When clients don’t seem to be listening to what you are saying or asking for, it can be frustrating.  Learn ways to get their attention and take action on your recommendations.

Nobody Wants to Hear an Advisor’s Story– Advisor Perspectives

Instead of telling your story to convince potential clients to work with you, the author proposes is different approach.

Looking for a Seamless Transition, Step Aside– Financial Planning

Advisors have heard plenty about the need for succession planning. But what can RIA principals and upper management expect when it’s time to actually manage a transition? The article stresses the management transition should be carefully mapped out and suggests four guidelines for this change in leadership.

SEC Advisory Panel Wants ‘Fiduciary’ in Reg BI– Financial Planning

An SEC advisory committee asked the commission to set new rules that would explicitly codify a requirement that advisors follow a fiduciary standard — a guideline that the commission’s chairman assiduously tried to avoid.

Avoid Management Overload By Delegating– InvestmentNews

An owner/advisor and consultant share how delegating can help share the workload while also giving trusted employees more responsibility and feeling of contribution to the growth and success of the firm. There is also a tip sheet that shows some of the things you can do to delegate and help the firm grow.

Bored With Your Business? Here’s How to Re-Charge– ThinkAdvisor

If you have reached a personal plateau in your business, you’re bored and don’t know what to do, this article offers great advice.

Creating a Value-Based Strategy– Tony Vidler blog

One of the toughest things for advisors is settle on a strategy to guide the decisions in building the business.  Learn the missing step to will help clarify your strategy and answer some questions about how you think you should create value for customers.

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