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About AdvisoryQuest

AdvisoryQuest started in 2009 as a site for growing advisory firms to find technology and service solutions. The Solutions area on the old site included over 500 technology and service firms- with over 200 more that could be added. The Solutions area ended up taking too much time compared to the value it provided.

As the site evolved, other areas were added including Industry Events, Industry Publications, Industry Research, and the AQ Blog. This is the third “version” of the AdvisoryQuest website, with each version expanding to include additional areas.  The Events page continues to include an updated list of industry events as they are announced or identified.

The site also includes my Twitter feed from @AdvisoryQuest.

Industry News

The primary focus the updated site is a summary of the best Practice Management news affecting financial advisory firms.

As the advisory industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it is critical for advisory firms to stay on top of the advances in the industry and changes that affect your business. AdvisoryQuest is your source for keeping up with these changes.

Industry Article Selection

With all of the great industry publications, industry thought leaders and technology experts putting out valuable content, there is a lot of information to sort through to find the most valuable articles to help you build your business. AdvisoryQuest filters the articles to find the best ones so you don’t have to.

I look through the articles posted in the major industry publications and in industry blogs to identify the best Practice Management articles of the week. The site is typically updated once per week (typically on Saturday).

Articles are selected for inclusion based on the following criteria: 1) article topic relevance, 2) whether the article provides a different/new take on how to build an optimal advisory business, or 3) if the article provides a needed reminder on an relevant topic. Articles written primarily for sales purposes to promote a company/individual typically do not get included.


The photos used for the backgrounds of the articles are meant to compliment the article, although they may not tie directly into the subject (topic) of the article. I decided to select photos that are visually appealing and/or interesting.

The photos were hand selected from a few websites that feature amazing free (CCO Public Domain) photos. Photos of beautiful scenery (unlike our offices and cubicles) are my favorites.

The beauty or interesting aspect of the photographs hopefully provides a reminder of the beauty that is all around us if we stop and take the time to admire it.

The last seven years have been an amazing journey of ups and downs both professionally and for the AQ site. The future will bring significant changes to the way advisors work with clients. AQ will continue to feature the latest and best news as the industry evolves.

Thanks for visiting,

Reid Stone, Founder
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“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.”
                                                             –Harriet Ward Beecher